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On 23 November 2011 F.T.R. Forniture Tessili Riunite S.p.A. Board approved the implementation of their own Organization and Controlling Model as per Legislative Ruling of 8 June 2011 nr. 231 (Administrative Responsibility Discipline of the legal persons, of companies and associations that might be without legal persons).

F.T.R. Forniture Tessili Riunite S.p.A. Organizational Model is made of 5 documents that you may download clicking the link on the side of page.

231-001 Organizational Model
231-002 Ethical Book
231-003 Sanction System
231-004 Dangers Mapping
231-005 Regulation of Committee of inspection

Committee of inspection, in our specific case, is composed by “external” advisors, lawyers, specialized in corporate issues, particularly with Legislative Ruling 231/2001.

The Head Office together with the Committee of inspection invite you to view our Organizational Model, our Ethical Book and our Regulation of Committee of inspection with the mutual aim to share with our commercial partners quality and contents of F.T.R. Forniture Tessili Riunite S.p.A.

Please allow us to make you aware of the fact that, in case of not coherent behavior from your side in respect of our Organizational Model, our company will consider your misbehavior as a nonfulfillment towards the mutual agreed bonds, therefore F.T.R. Forniture Tessili Riunite S.p.A. will feel entitled to proceed with the resolution of existing commercial relationship established with your company.

We are sure your company also trusts the same ethical principle and we thank you in advance for sharing with us these contents earnestly and with consciousness, with mutual trust and commitment.

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Contact Info

F.T.R. S.p.a - Forniture Tessili Riunite
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